Polycarbonate greenhouse

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PC greenhouse usually is Venlo type(also can be circular arch),and often use the form of multi span.PC greenhouse has the character of moderate light transmittance,remarkable heat preservation performance,large water displacement,strong anti-wind ability,suitable for large wind and rain area. The advantage of PC: 1.Light transmission of PC sheet can reach to 89%. 2.Impact strength of PC sheet is 250-300 times of common glass. 3.PC sheet has UV-proof coating. 4.Light weight:save cost of transportation,unloading,installation and support framework. 5.The flame retardant is B1 level. 6.Bend-ability:can cold bending in construction site according to the drawings. 7.PC sheet has obvious insulation effect. 8.Energy saving:keep cool in summer,preserve heat in winter. 9.Weather resistance:when temperature is low,not cold short,when temperature is high,not soften. 10.Prevent dewing:when indoor relative humidity is under 80%,the inner surface of the material does not condensation.Dew will run off along the plate surface,not dripping.

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